Tiger Stripes

The Cattle Operation

Introducing Tiger Striped Cattle

In addition to being a bison ranch, home to several hundred head of bison, Miller Bison at Elkhead Ranch runs a unique cattle operation as well. The ranch is home to two Brahman Bulls: Ferdinand and Eeyore along with several Hereford cows. When Registered Brahman bulls breed with Registered Hereford cows, the result are F-1 Tiger Striped calves.

Tiger Stripe Cattle

Tiger Stripes are easy calvers, easy keepers and don’t mind the heat, which is a perfect fit for our Southern Missouri ranch!

The unique thing about this cross is that the Tiger Striped phenotype is recessive, meaning, the “tiger-striped” look cannot be produced from other Tiger Stripes; they can only be created through the cross between the Brahman and Hereford.