Ranch Family

Meet our ranch family.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Miller Bison at Elkhead Ranch is owned by Randy and Jane Miller. Randy bought his first bison heifer calves in 1995 from Custer State Park and took them to his ranch near Adams, Nebraska where they had room to roam and grow. In this way, he learned the bison business first hand, from sorting calves in the fall to marketing his finished product. Randy and Jane are truly hands-on with their herd, assuring that every animal is highly respected and humanely treated.

Although Randy’s venture into the bison business began as a hobby, it grew from there. At first he started packaging his all-natural bison meat just for family and friends. But as demand for bison meat began to grow, so did the Millers’ herd and ranching operation.

Before long, Randy developed a few partnerships with local restaurants and grocers, and bringing Stacy Tamerius on board to direct the company’s marketing initiatives. In the summer of 2011, NebraskaBison.com launched with a full scale e-commerce platform, making Randy and Jane’s responsibly ranch raised and dry aged bison meat available to the entire United States of America.

The addition of a Missouri ranch

In 2012 Randy and Jane expanded their ranching operation to include a second ranch in Southern Missouri. They still maintain their home ranch in Adams, Nebraska, but have added this second, much larger ranch near Bruner, Missouri which they call Miller Bison at Elkhead Ranch. Randy and Jane spend their time between both ranches, staying very involved in the entire process at both locations. It is important to them that they maintain their principles for raising and processing excellent bison meat. The herds are treated with respect and dignity and are free to roam while on the ranch. Much of the meat Randy and Jane raise and produce today is shipped all over the country-to restaurants, grocers and directly to consumers through NebraskaBison.com.