Experience 1200 acres of Southern Missouri’s landscape

Water features

Miller Bison at Elkhead Ranch boasts two main water features – a creek which runs through our property and a small fishing lake.

Depending on the season and rainfall, the rock-bottomed creek may run dry or be running quite full. When it is running, the water is crystal clear, pooling in small springs along the way. Little fish swim throughout and crawdads have been known to peek out of their holes along the wooded areas of the creek.

Elkhead Lake at Sunset

Our fishing pond, Elkhead Lake, is a great place to kick back, relax, fish and enjoy your surroundings. The pond is full of catfish, bass and bluegill which guests on the ranch are welcome to fish for during their stay. One of our bison pastures overlooks the pond from the opposite end and on days when bison are in that pasture, you can enjoy the sight of the bison roaming in the distance while sitting on the dock. The pond is a perfect place for watching the sunrise or sunset and a great place for kicking back at the end of the day.

Hills, trees and native grasslands

Our 1200 acres is full of rolling hills. there are many hills and ravines throughout the entire land. In fact, the guest cabin sits atop a rather large hill near the ranch entrance. In other areas of the ranch, you’ll find incredibly wooded areas, full of trees.

There is plenty of plant life throughout our land, and we’ve planted and maintained native grasses (both summer and winter season) throughout our pasture lands to ensure our animals have a habitat they can thrive in.

Elkhead Ranch Cave


There are at least 4 caves on our ranch property. The larger cave contains a cool spring and waterfall in the back. Depending on conditions, these caves may be available for exploration during your visit.

We are able to drive up close to the entrance of the larger cave, however, not all the way up to it. You’ll have to leave the vehicle and take a short hike through a wooded area to the cave’s entrance. To enter this cave, you have to hunch down a little to crawl through the entrance. But once you are in, you can stand up and walk. You’ll notice the temperature decreases significantly when you’re inside-even on a hot summer day! The walls, ceiling and ground are made up entirely of mud and clay. A small stream may be trickling through on the ground, so be prepared for your shoes and pants to become muddy and wet.

There are two coves inside the cave-one takes you to a small waterfall where a trickle of water drops from above. You can stand completely upright in this cove. If you look upwards from here, you will see formations that continue and spiral upwards. The other cove contains a small spring of water which may vary in depth from time to time. It is about 10-15 feet in diameter.

Keep in mind, it is pitch black once you get inside the cave. You’ll need flashlights or head lights to go through. This adventure is not for the faint of heart. It takes stamina and lots of hiking/walking. But when the conditions are right, it can be an exciting experience!