Visit FAQ

We’re excited you’re considering a trip to our ranch! Allow us to answer some questions.

How long will the ranch tour last?

Length of the ranch tour will vary depending on where the bison are at on the ranch. It could last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Is there bison meat available on the ranch to buy after my tour?

There is usually a limited selection of bison meat available at our ranch for purchase. For other bison meat purchase options, click here.

What is there to do during my stay on the ranch?

As part of our ranch family, each day you will get the chance to experience life on a working bison ranch. You will have opportunities to join us in our daily chores, fish, hike or even just kick back and enjoy the beautiful Ozarks atmosphere. How you would like to spend your stay is up to you, whether it be relaxing or exploring the ranch and surrounding area. Branson and Springfield are both just right down the highway from our ranch.

How many people can stay in the cabin?

The cabin will comfortably sleep up to 8 people.

May I bring my pets?

For the safety of our animals and yours, we request that you do not bring pets.